Best Kobe Beef Restaurant “WAGYU TOK”

~Kobe Beef and the Special Taste of Beef Dining WAGYU TOK~



What are the characteristics of Kobe beef?

Kobe beef is one of the world’s most famous Wagyu cattle,
famous for its tender meat and deep flavor.
Kobe beef is one of the best breeds of black Wagyu beef,
characterized by its tender and juicy flavor with marbling.
Strict standards are set for the production of high-quality Kobe beef,
and only Wagyu black cattle born and raised in specific regions are certified as Kobe beef.


Kobe Beef at its best at Beef Dining WAGYU TOK

At our restaurant, you can enjoy a variety of dishes such as hamburgers and steaks that make the most of Kobe beef.
The juicy, melt-in-your-mouth Kobe beef steaks are especially exquisite.
The steaks are carefully prepared by skilled chefs to bring out the natural flavor of the meat,
while at the same time making it tender and juicy.



Enjoy the exquisite marriage of Wagyu beef and wine!

Wine is the perfect complement to the rich flavor of Kobe beef.
We offer a selection of wines carefully selected to pair with Kobe beef.
The acidity and astringency of the wine harmonizes with the flavor of the Kobe beef fat,
allowing you to enjoy an even richer flavor.
Enjoy the rich flavors and savor a fine dining experience.


Kobe Beef Burger to satisfy your appetite for luxury

Our menu also includes the especially popular Kobe Beef Burger.
It is characterized by its firm meat and juicy flavor,
and once you try it, you will surely be captivated.
It is a recommended dish for lunch or take-out.
We hope you will try our signature Kobe beef burger.




If you want to taste Kobe Beef, you can enjoy it at our restaurant!

Our restaurant offers the finest selection of Kobe beef.
We allows you to enjoy a luxurious Japanese beef experience in a relaxed atmosphere.
We can suggest wines to suit your tastes and food pairings.
Our chefs use their experience and skill to prepare Kobe beef at its best,
creating a taste you will never forget once you have tasted it.

We hope you will enjoy the wonderful combination of wine and the taste of Kobe beef.